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Preventive & Testing Products


Howitzer-DVB Dryer Vent Blower. Use the Howitzer-DVB for testing 4" Residential Dryer Vent Performance. The Howitzer-DVB is compliant with NADCA's DEDP (Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance) Standard. The Howitzer-DVB comes complete with a 4" blower device, 0"-2" Dwyer Magnehelic Pressure Differential Gauge, Pressure Tap, Power Cord, Power Switch, and Auxiliary Power Receptacle. Use the auxiliary power for selling LintAlert (LMP300) Dryer Vent Alarm while your completing your testing.



SmartPhone Vane Anemometer. Use DVB105 to measure airflow velocity up to 11,000 ft/min. DVB105 features a SmartPhone APP that allows for record keeping, register dimensioning, and automatic CFM conversion. DVB105 shows airflow in FPM, CFM, CMH, MPS. Send onsite professional reports from you SmartPhone or Device by email. The DVB105 is a perfect low cost solution for measuring airflow velocities for the DEDP Testing protocol and HVAC registers. Download the APP here for ANDROID, and IOS



The LintAlert. The LintAlert is the only dryer vent blockage alarm that lets a homeowner know when to schedule their next dryer vent cleaning. The LintAlert takes less than 10 minutes to install, and requires dryer vents to be in a cleaned or like-new condition. ** CALL FOR INSTALLER PRICING, THIS PRODUCT IS PRICE-PROTECTED TO PROTECT CONTRACTORS **