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Teinnova / Tecai


VisioBot Inspection Robot. The VisioBot Inspection Robot is has Full-HD recording capabilities onto USB Flash Media. The VisioBot is a built on a Heavy-Duty 4-Wheel Cart, with up to 65' (20M) of range. VisioBot controls allow for still images and videos to be saved on demand, and allow the operator to adust file names from the console. VisioBot is package in a compact roller cart, and comes complete with battery power or the option to run off standard 110V electrical. Variable LED lighting on both the FRONT and BACK of the cart allow the user to gain visual inspection forward or behind the cart, while in lit or dark inspection areas.



Teinnova MultiBot HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Multi-Function Robot Package. The MultiBot starts with a sturdy tractor unit with forward and reverse facing 1080p full HD vision. The tractor is communicates with the controls console through 100' of COMs cable that is neatly stored on a stowed away reel in the controls cabinet. Dual Touch-Screen displays provide video controls and tractor function, independent of one another. MultiBot Full Suite Package Includes all available ADD-ON Modules, B360 Adaptive Brushing Module, A100 Air Injection Module, B100 Rotary Brushing Module, S360 Rotary Sealant Module. The MultiBot Full Suite Package is ideal for HVAC Air Duct Cleaners that specialize in Large Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Applications. As a Full Suite Package, Save 10% compared to individual module pricing.



Teinnova MutliBot Inspection Robot and Controls Console. The MultiBot Inspection Robot features forward and rear facing 1080p full HD vision and can be recorded using the touch-screen display on the controls console. A second touch-screen display allows for tractor function independent of inspection system function. Use this item as a base package for addition Application Modules to clean and seal ductwork with the Teinnova MultiBot.



Teinnova MutliBot B360 Adaptive Brush Module. The MutliBot B360 Module provides rotary brushing with perimetral movement during air duct cleaning operation. The brush arm rotates with adjustable speed, while it is simultaneously articulating around the perimeter of rectangular ductwork. This application is very effective for deep cleaning of the corners in rectangular ductwork.



Teinnova MultiBot A100 Air Injection Module. The MultiBot A100 Module provides compressed air injection in front of the robot tractor for air scrubbing ductwork with compressed air tools.



Teinnova MultiBot B100 Rotary Brushing Module. The MultiBot B100 Module provides conventional rotary brushing techniques for cleaning round ductwork in front of the robot tractor.



Teinnova MultiBot S360 Rotary Sealant Module. The MultiBot S360 Module provides rotary application of sprayed sealants delivered through an airless sprayer to the robot tractor. The sealant module rotation speed is adjustable, and the tractor travel speed can be controlled from the joystick controls on the main console.



VisioAir Compressed Air, Duct Inspection & Cleaning Machine. The VisioAir is a portable compressed air, video inspection and duct cleaning machine all in one package. The VisioAir features an HD camera with LED lighting, and can be controlled from the intuitive touch-screen display or the optional remote control. Air requirements for the VisioAir are 14CFM/116PSI, and 28CFM/116PSI for the Blind Air Nozzle and Smart Air Nozzle, respectively. The VisioAir has built-in recording to USB/Flash Media, with file manipulation capabilities from the touch-screen display. The VisioAir features 49' hose/cable lengths for both the compressed air and video, and power requirements are only 110V.



ProTub Chimney, Boiler & Heat Exchanger Brushing Machine. The ProTub Brushing Machine is the ideal rotary brushing drive unit for cleaning chimneys, boiler and heat exchanger tubes. The rotating shaft doubles it's purpose with water injection and rotation speed is variable from 0-900 RPM. The Double Sense Shaft Rotation works in both right and left operation. The wireless remote allows the operator 20 meters reach from the power drive unit for ease of operation on the job-site. A variety of brushes are availalble for round, square pipes measuring up to 16" in diameter.



RotAir Electric Brushing Machine. The RotAir Electric Brushing Machine allows the operator to use rotary brushing cleaning techniques on round or rectangular ducts from 8" - 16" in size. The RotAir features the special ProAxis cable protection system that senses brush restriction and cuts rotational power to reduce shaft breakage. The RotAir is controled from the intuitive touch-screen control panel or optional remote control. Features include dual-direction rotation, timed reversal rotation, 5 rotational speed adjustment, and 65' (20M) cable reach.



AR100 Portable Screw Air Compressor. The AR100 is a portable, high volume screw air compressor that delivers 37 CFM at 145 PSI. The AR100 bridges the gap between HVLP & LVHP systems and delivers the air necessary to efficiently run the Hurricane System, Teinnova Systems, and High Volume Nozzles with up to 1/2" hose.