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Inspection Systems


Handheld Video Endoscope with Snapshot and Video Function. Use the Handheld Video Endoscope to make fast and critical video inpsections in all duct work, through registers, and into components. The Handheld Video Endoscope features a color camera, 1 Meter optic cable, adjustable LED lighting on the camera head, and a bright LED flashlight built into the handle. This item requires the use of a smart phone, tablet, computer or other device as a viewing monitor. Connect the Handheld Video Endoscope to any device with WIFI access and the appropriate viewing application. Download here for your platform: PC, ANDROID, IOS.



Video Inspection Push Cable System. The High Quality Video Inspection Push Cable Inspection System can be deployed on any job-site for inspection up to 100' into the system. The water-resistant camera head makes this system ideal for dry overhead ductwork, as well as sub-terranean ducts that may have taken on water or waste. The system records on SD Card for quick and easy transfer of files. The camera head can be corrected by indexing 90 degrees. Variable intensity LED lighting allows the operator to view the camera subject with clarity in all duct work. The system can be operated on battery power or while plugged into standard 110V electrical.



VisioBot Inspection Robot. The VisioBot Inspection Robot is has Full-HD recording capabilities onto USB Flash Media. The VisioBot is a built on a Heavy-Duty 4-Wheel Cart, with up to 65' (20M) of range. VisioBot controls allow for still images and videos to be saved on demand, and allow the operator to adust file names from the console. VisioBot is package in a compact roller cart, and comes complete with battery power or the option to run off standard 110V electrical. Variable LED lighting on both the FRONT and BACK of the cart allow the user to gain visual inspection forward or behind the cart, while in lit or dark inspection areas.



VisioAir Compressed Air, Duct Inspection & Cleaning Machine. The VisioAir is a portable compressed air, video inspection and duct cleaning machine all in one package. The VisioAir features an HD camera with LED lighting, and can be controlled from the intuitive touch-screen display or the optional remote control. Air requirements for the VisioAir are 14CFM/116PSI, and 28CFM/116PSI for the Blind Air Nozzle and Smart Air Nozzle, respectively. The VisioAir has built-in recording to USB/Flash Media, with file manipulation capabilities from the touch-screen display. The VisioAir features 49' hose/cable lengths for both the compressed air and video, and power requirements are only 110V.