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Gas Portable Vacuums


20 HP General Power Vacuum. The General is All the Vacuum You'll Need for Duct Cleaning. Kohler Command Engine, 5,250 CFM, Portable 4-Wheel Cart.

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31 HP Ranger Power Vacuum. The Ranger is More Power for Duct Cleaning. Briggs & Stratton Engine, 7,000 CFM, Portable 4-Wheel Cart.

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OSHA/EPA Compliant 6-Gallon Fuel Cell Retro-Fit Kit for General, Ranger, and Major Power Vacuums. The bolt-on fuel cell kit comes with drill templates for retro-fit on older vacuums, new vacuums are pre-drilled and ready for installation. The kit includes a 6-gallon Flambeau tank, a heavy duty frame, the required hoses, and all the necessary hardware. Installation of this kit removes the necessity of detatchable fuel cells and any quick-disconnect fittings. Add this item to your new vacuum purchase. Carbon cannister (GEN933) not included. For CARB compliancy add P/N: GEN933 to your order.



400cc Carbon Cannister for CARB Compliancy on 6 Gallon Fuel Cell. Add this 400cc carbon cannister to your General, Major, or Ranger vacuum and 6 gallon fuel cell for CARB comliancy.