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Part Number: GBD020

Description: The Insul-Dumpster Cover is leading the way in the Insulation Removal Industry. Insul-Bags can be costly and cumbersome on large scale jobs. Restoration projects requiring dumpster service make the Insul-Dumpster Cover a natural fit. Insul-Dumpster Covers are designed to fit standard roll-off dumpsters, 20-40 yard size. Discharge Hose Nozzle input allows a clean setup. Use the built-in shock cord to skirt around the dumpster body for a tight fit. Insul-Dumpster Cover is an economically savvy product when more than 12 bags will be used on a single job and a dumpster is present. The Insul-Dumpster Cover is made of a disposable filter media that can be discarded with removed material. Designed to fit Dumpster Body Size: 23.5' Long x 8' Wide.
Normal Price: $160.00

Daily Special Price: $135.00